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Usalama Aims at Keeping You Safe

Get emergency communication at your fingertips.
We link you to emergency service providers.

Global Access

Usalama works anywhere in the world. Get access to help anywhere.

Multiple Safety Features

We are equiped to ensure that you are safe. Avoid emergencies with Usalama today.

Easy to use

Optimized features to ensure that you easily get access to help whenever you need it.

Amazing Features

Usalama aims at ensuring that you are not only safe but secured.
Explore the wide array of safety features.

  • Distress calls

    Send emergency messages at the tap of a button to your emergency contacts and service providers.

  • Usalama around

    View other Usalama users anonymously around you within a 200 meter radius .

  • Timer

    Get there safely and on time. Alert your contacts if you don't arrive safely.

  • Walk with me

    Walk virtually with your loved ones and keep each other safe.

  • Social Hub

    Keep up to tabs with up-to-date emergency news happening around you now.

  • Utility Shortcuts

    Shake the phone or long press volume down button to trigger a distress

Why Usalama?

To enhance accuracy of response, GPS data will be updated every five minutes.
Boost your safety today.


Usalama provides you and your loved ones with a wide array of services and features to keep you safer.

We provide you with a quick and efficient way to raise alarm when they are in need of emergency assistance.

Quick access to your emergency service providers.

Allow for accurate relay of emergency communication information from any part of the world

We give you rapid access to FREE emergency service providers

You can now remortely secure your loved ones.

Watch our story

The Usalama App is saving lives!

"I was car jacked by 3 men. One pointed a gun at me and the one behind had a knife. But in my right hand, I had my phone. I pressed the emergency button, my relatives received the alert, they called the police who tracked my vehicle. The police surrounded the car. The attackers tried to flee, a shootout broke out and they were killed"

Paul Nderitu

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Usalama saves lives.


Most frequently asked questions.
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Can I use Usalama anywhere in the world?

Yes. Usalama runs on international infrustructure and hence can be downloaded and accessed from anywhere in the world.

Does it have other features aside from distress message relay?

Yes. Usalama has over 10 other utility features to ensure that you stay safe.

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