A mobile app, supported by a 24 hour control center that links you to emergency services whenever you need them at the tap of a button.
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What We Do

01 Ambulance

If you are in a medical emergency, we will match you with a nearby best equipped ambulance and ensure you are dispatched to the nearest hospital at no extra fee.

02 Security

Together with our security service partners, we will respond to your security emergency upon request through the app.

03 Road Rescue

In case your car breakdown in the middle of the highway, usalama will coordinate road rescue resources to assist you.

About Us


Access to quality,timely and rapid emergency response is a basic human right. At Usalama we believe our clients deserve this right and so we have created a platform to provide just that. We have pooled critical emergency services ranging from ambulance, security, fire and road side services into one platform and made it accessible to you by the tap of a button. All you have to do is download our app, sign up and you are ready to go!

What's more exciting is that with Usalama you don't have to wait to encounter an emergency to use our services. We have tailored the product to meet your day to day safety needs. Features such as 'Walk-with-me' and 'My circles' allow you to share your location in real time with those you care about. 'Check-in' brings convinnience in communicating whenever you are travelling. The app automatically informs your loved ones when you arrive safely at your destination. This is just the tip of the iceburg, download our app today and enjoy more exciting products.

Our Core Values

Why should you
use us?

Our integrated communication and response model is the first of its kind that offers an end to end service deilvery across the value chain. Like a trusted companion we give maximum support to our users until their emergency ends. This model is founded on 3 main pillars;minimal trigger actions, accuracy in information relayed, reliability and rapid communication turnaround time.

  • Fastest Turn Around times

    Usalama is proud to offer the shortest turn around time available in the industry. On our platform, it takes only 14 minutes for help to come at your exact location.

  • Reliability & Accuracy

    Our services are reliable. Supported by a 24 hour control center, you can be guaranteed that every distress call from you(or your loved ones) will receive the utmost attention it deserved.

  • Minimal Trigger Actions

    We have made it as simple as 'ABC' to call for help.It is so simple that even a child can do it. You just need to long press one button and that's it. The platform will work the magic behind the scenes and help will be at your exact location in less then 14 minutes without further communication.

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